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      A horrifying account of torture and humiliation at the hands of her family, My Firefly will pull you into its pages and grab hold of your spirit. Seen from the perspective of the family home, this young girl struggles to stay alive as she is slowly ripped apart emotionally, physically and sexually by her father. You’ll experience an abundance of feelings throughout this book and won’t be able to put it down. My Firefly is a flicker of light in complete darkness, leading to safety. It is cruel and brutish and bloody. But, if you want inspiration, then read My Firefly. It will change your world. . .


Maggie's reply to reviewers:

"Why does the spirit of a house tell your story?"


      The people who do nothing; those which watch from the rafters, standing back and shaking their heads; those which stand by and pretend it didn’t happen or that it has no importance; those are the people I’m trying to reach. The house screamed for me because I couldn’t scream for myself when I wrote my story or when I lived it. No one heard me and those who did, turned a blind eye. I was a waste of their time. So I figured that maybe if they remove themselves from my voice, they might use their own to make a difference in someone's life.

      Thank you, all of you, for the reviews . . . it means that my book made some noise; and whether your review is good or bad is really beside the point.

      I don’t want the readers of my book to feel my pain. I want the reader to feel what the house felt: helpless, incapable, useless, and silent - because that is exactly how an abused child sees the world around them. An abused child is not so much 'in pain' as much as they are ‘alone’ while waiting for the next pain to be done with.

      And now, before you buy my book and read it, you are forewarned. This book is brutal, graphic in its details and its subject is insane on many levels.

      "My Firefly" is being used by teachers in different school systems in Canada to help identify abuse in students. It has opened the doors-of-hope to many other survivors. It has helped remind me that I am alive in spite of its contents. Besides, there are too many incidents to mention that are NOT in this book - I only wrote about the easy ones. Imagination saved my life when I was a child; why shouldn’t I write the book in the most creative and unique voice possible?!

      Remember folks, it’s not about who tells your story – it’s about ‘telling’ your story and then moving forward one step at a time! ‘Living’ is what’s supposed to happen after you survive. It’s life in post-survival that defines the human character’s ability to move forward from trauma. I choose to live fully and completely in spite of my childhood, because ‘just surviving’ isn’t good enough for me!


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